About WFE

Who We Are

The mission of the Westfield Foundation for Education is to inspire the students of Westfield Public Schools through funding of innovative education and enrichment opportunities that extend beyond the resources of the City of Westfield.

Westfield Foundation for Education (WFE) is an all-volunteer organization, established in 2013 with the goal of providing Westfield schoolchildren with robust, challenging educational experiences in mathematics, sciences, athletics, and the humanities.

Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization, the Westfield Foundation for Education operates independently from the Westfield school department.

The Foundation is a non-political entity. Representatives from the School Committee, City of Westfield School department, local business owners and community members serve as volunteers.

Board Members

President – Laura Taylor

Vice-President – Lindsay Panis

Treasurer – Mary Zajdel

What We Do

The Foundation supports academic enrichment and project-based learning opportunities in Westfield Public Schools that are not included in the city’s budget. Through privately raised funds, WFE will award grants to teachers and community members inspired to bring innovative school-based projects to Westfield schools.

Why We Do It

Enrichment and project based learning opportunities for teachers and students of Westfield Public Schools are limited due to budget cuts and reduced state aid. WFE seeks to support Westfield schoolchildren by providing financial tools to teachers to enhance the classroom experience. We believe academic opportunities should be available to all students and each success brings us one step closer to that goal.

“A rising tide will lift all boats.”  – John F. Kennedy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the foundation’s work affect the city’s budget or increase our taxes?

No. WFE was created to address local school budget cuts and a decrease in Chapter 90 aid (education funding) by the state.  The WFE Grants Program will be financed through privately raised funds.

What is the history of education foundations?  How many foundations exist in Massachusetts?

Since 1978 over 3,000 communities across the country have established educational foundations with similar missions. Together, these organizations have raised millions to improve educational opportunities in their communities. There are more than 45 established education foundations in Massachusetts.

How can members of the community help the foundation?

Westfield residents concerned with the future of the city’s school system are invited to donate funds or join WFE as an active volunteer.  Check the events page for upcoming fundraisers or simple click “Donate Now” to make a tax-deductible donation.